Salento-trekking is a sustainable agency, which sells to tourist trekking services adapted to the needs and expectations of our clients; Salento-Trekking is aware of the negative effects that the development of its commercial activity brings to the region, whether in the social, cultural and environmental aspects. For this reason, Salento-Trekking is committed to developing its activity avoiding:

  • Sexual exploitation of children, women and minorities.
  • Traffic and / or mistreatment of fauna and flora.
  • The traffic and / or damage of cultural, historical or archaeological assets of the region and the country.
  • Any act of racism or discrimination.

In the case of detecting any such cases, it shall immediately report to the competent authorities.

Likewise, it undertakes to contribute in a positive way to the sustainability of the destination where it operates, developing the following commitments:

  • Complying with the legal regulations that apply to ensure the safety of its customers.
  • Promoting responsible behavior in their travels.
  • Generating awareness about the proper use and protection of natural resources without affecting biodiversity
  • Hiring competent personnel from the region and supporting them in training that will enable them to improve their skills and abilities.

The agency will promote this policy among its employees, customers and suppliers.